A Bit More About Me

Proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, a nonbinary aromantic pansexual individual. I prefer the prounouns they/them, but I’ll tolerate pretty much anything other than “it.”

I’m in a polyamorous relationship with my amazing girlfriend Serena and my wonderful boyfriends Will and Andrew.

I know what you’re thinking: How can you be aromantic yet still be in a romantic relationship? With three people no less???! Well, my short answer is : I just am, deal with it. My long answer is here.

But there’s more to me beyond that, I assure you.

I was born on the Cancer/Leo cusp, but readings are always much more accurate when I go with Cancer. In the Chinese zodiac, I was born in the year of the boar.

My favorite color is green, with cyan and purple being a close second and third (not really, green is the single greatest color in the world, nothing can compare).

I grew up with Harry Potter and I love Marvel Comics and movies.

I’ll play any game once, but I love open world games that I can explore more than most, though my favorite game of all time is Bloodrayne. It was my first rated M game (I was ten) and it holds a very special place in my heart.

Horror anime is just about the only thing I’ll watch anymore anime-wise (not true, but it keeps my attention with much more ease than just about anything else). I love cartoons with all my heart and I hold a deep love for Steven Universe, the Amazing World of Gumball, Dexter’s Lab, Invader Zim, the original Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, the original Teen Titans, etc, etc.

I’ve been drawing since I was twelve or thirteen, it’s  a little blurry (most of middle school is, worst three years of my life, let me tell ya), I’ve been writing since second grade, and playing video games and messing with all kinds of tech since I was two.

I fucking love food.

Swimming is just about the only kind of exercise you will ever see me excited about, though I enjoy weight training too. I could live in the water (just not the ocean, too many corpses, too much oil and whale sperm, I’ll stick to a nice clean pool, thank you). And I guess it would come to absolutely no one’s surprise if I now mention Water is my primary element and my temperament is melancholic-phlegmatic.

If I were a gemstone, I would be Aquamarine.

If there’s ever anything else you want to know about me, Just send an email my way and I’ll make a post on it!